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 The G.O.A.T was founded in May 2019 and is based in Paris Ontario, Canada.

 The G.O.A.T was developed while getting ready for The Forest City Open, a disc golf tournament in London, Ontario.  A 3-day event with heavy rainstorms being forecasted. We needed a towel that could withstand the harsh weather conditions in the forecast. That is when we started to develop the G.O.A.T.


 The G.O.A.T is the ultimate disc golf towel designed to provide superior performance and keep your discs clean and dry. We strive to provide the best quality towels on the market and are dedicated to customer satisfaction. With the combination of two premium materials, our towels are three times more absorbent than cotton and dry five times faster. Our towels also come with a carabiner for easy transportation.


Get a G.O.A.T and get your grip back!

Thank you for checking out our products. 

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